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Pupils aged from seven to eleven acted, sang and danced in front of a packed audience of proud parents, relatives and friends. Matilda Redmond, who played the evil queen, dominated the stage with seemingly effortless ease - providing a real star turn and attracting lots of booing, hissing and well deserved applause.

Savannah Hall played Snow White with skill and charm, showing off a wonderful singing voice in the process, and the seven dwarves (reduced to six on the night because of illness), the hen-pecked king, the two princes (yes two!), the two woodcutters, the two speaking rabbits and Cinders (borrowed from another tale) all proved very accomplished, and often highly amusing, supporting acts.

No Christmas play would be complete without lots of singing, dancing and a regular chorus of ‘It's behind you', ‘Oh no it isn't' and ‘Oh yes it is' and girls from years 3, 4 and 5 all performed that task with great enthusiasm and ability.

"I'm absolutely thrilled with everyone's performance," said Truro High Prep School Headmistress Alison Miller. "They really gave it their all and the audience clearly loved watching them. I'm also very grateful to the staff and parents who helped out. The costumes were amazing - as was the music, the sound and the direction."

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