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All Grade 8 and above, the girls performed a range of pieces on instruments that included piano, violin, cello, oboe, saxophone, clarinet and flute. There were also four solo singers. Joining them on stage was the school's Director of Music Frances Eagar, who brought the concert to an end with Grieg's Cadenza from Concerto in A minor.

The event took place in the school's Main Hall with parents and friends enjoying cabaret-style drinks and food at their tables.

"We all knew these girls must be very good to achieve the exam marks they have - including at diploma level - but it isn't until you sit and back and listen to them that you realise just how talented they are," said Headmistress Caroline Pascoe. "Their performances were stunning and both they and their teachers can be very proud of what they have achieved."

Those taking part were Sophie Peters (singing), Merryn Davies (cello), Martha Camerer-Cuss (oboe), Rebecca Vinnicombe (singing), Gabrielle Kurdyla (saxophone), Florence Martin (violin), Lydia Mee (singing), Katie Smith (clarinet), Emmeline Downer (piano), Lauren Bose (violin), Rebecca Martin-Bawden (flute), Ida Au Yeung (piano) and Nancy May (singing).

Photo: Truro High's Grade 8 and above musical performers with Director of Music Frances Eagar

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