Boarding at Truro High

It can be difficult deciding whether or not to go down the boarding school option. Sometimes, due to family circumstances, it's a necessity but, more often than not, we find that once the girls have had a couple of taster days and sleepovers with us, it's more a question of 'allowing' them to board rather than 'sending them to board'! Pester power often rules!

Truro High School ranks in the Top 50 Independent Girls' Boarding Schools in the UK ( based on A Level results and we come first in the table in terms of value for money.

We have about 50 boarders, ranging in age from Year 8 to Sixth Form, who live in two boarding houses - Dalvenie and Rashleigh. The houses are located right in the centre of the school campus. We are justifiably proud of the excellent standard of pastoral care, facilities and ‘extras' we are able to provide, with a recent ISI report commenting:

‘The quality of pastoral care and provision for welfare and health and safety is outstanding, giving all pupils the opportunity to develop into mature and confident people.'

‘Pupils are kind, thoughtful and supportive to other members of the community. They are confident and relaxed with each other, with staff and with visitors to the school, and ready to celebrate each other's strength and successes.'

‘The quality of boarding is excellent and boarding plays an important part in the life of the school.....creating a happy and caring atmosphere, and encouraging a willingness in pupils to help others.'

‘The overall quality of the accommodation is outstanding.'

It's very important to us that our girls feel as 'at home' as possible because then they will be able to study successfully, be happy outside school and fulfill their potential - both academically and socially.  That's why, from the outset, we work closely with parents and teachers to ensure a quick, smooth and joyous integration into boarding life.


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