Senior School

Visitors are always struck by the friendliness and all-round enthusiasm of our Senior pupils. Encouraged to follow their dreams, they like to aim high.
  • Truro High School pupils
  • Truro High School production of Disney
  • Truro High School senior pupils undertaking science experiment
  • Truro High School Food & Nutrition pupils
  • Truro High School languages lab
  • Truro High School dancers
  • Truro High School extra curricular lifeguard training
  • Truro High School senior Greenpower race team
  • Truro High School astronomers

Girls normally enter the Senior School in Year 7 but, if space allows, we are also happy to consider new pupils for entry in Years 8, 9 and at the start of Year 10 as well. We are rarely able to take girls into Year 10 beyond Christmas or into Year 11 at all.

Whilst academic achievement is very important – we regularly top the Cornish league tables – we also focus on helping girls develop their personality, their creative and sporting ability and their friendships. Now is the time to ‘stretch talent’ and our girls learn to take on responsibility too.

The growing-up years from 11-16 can sometimes be a difficult time emotionally but we are extremely proud of our ‘outstanding’, supportive pastoral system. The relationship between girls and staff provides the perfect forum for discussing any anxiety or problem so that, together, a workable solution is found. There are also trained Sixth Form mentors who are available on a daily basis in our Chat Room.

The girls themselves have a very positive attitude to work and study. They work well independently and, just as successfully, in a team or group. There is a lot of laughter in the school – it’s a very happy place to be.