Scholarships & Bursaries

Academic, music, sport, art and drama scholarships are based on talent and potential. They are awarded on entry to Year 7 and Year 9. On occasion they may be offered for entry to Year 8 and Year 10. They are capped at 5% of standard tuition fees and are reviewed annually.

Scholarships are noted on all applications to university.

Please note that pupils seeking a music, sport, art or drama scholarship must perform competently in entrance examinations.

Scholars are expected to show an engagement with their studies or talent over and above that of their peers and show considerable commitment to their relevant area of school life – whether academic, music, sport, art or drama. They will act as ambassadors for the School.

Scholarships are not tenable against boarding fees and are not available to girls entering the Prep School but are available to those girls going into the Senior School from our own Prep 6.

Scholarships can be supplemented by a means-tested Bursary up to (ordinarily) a maximum of 50% tuition fee remission. Joint scholarships/bursaries are reviewed annually.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are based on Numeracy and Literacy papers and are capped at a maximum of 10% against standard tuition fees.


Bursaries are means-tested and available to girls who have been offered a place but whose families cannot afford full fees. The Bursary Application Form is assessed very carefully and the Bursar adheres strictly to the guidelines laid down by the Independent Schools’ Bursars’ Association. A recommendation is then made to the Headmistress on the amount of financial help the school can offer based on parental need and the level of funds available. A Bursary award would not normally exceed 50% of standard tuition fees but can, on occasion, cover 100% of fees.

Bursaries are tenable against tuition fees but not boarding fees. They are reviewed annually.

Bursary recipients are expected to make a full contribution to school life and show considerable commitment to our community. They act as ambassadors for the School.

Bursaries are also available to current pupils whose family circumstances have drastically changed and the payment of fees has become extraordinarily difficult.

Please contact our Bursar on 01872 272830 or email to find out more.