International Students

It can be a daunting thought - moving, often half way around the world, to a new place, new school, full of new people. We can promise your daughter a very warm welcome and it won't be long before she really does regard us as a 'second' family.

International Students play a very important part in the life of Truro High School. Currently we have girls from Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, mainland China, Russia and Australia, living alongside our UK boarders.

Girls come to us for different lengths of time – some for weeks, others for years – but all of them will tell you that it is the friendliness of the school and the very supportive staff which make all the difference in her oral and written skills.

Studying in a foreign language requires hard work and patience. However, once your daughter has immersed herself in English, she will quickly see a big difference.

Your daughter will find there are lots of things to do which form part of a normal day at school. Some of these may not be provided at her school back at home but here, at Truro High, she will have the opportunity to both progress academically and learn lots of new skills from surfing to salsa dancing.

Find out more about Boarding at Truro High here.


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“Life as a boarder can sometimes be hard; most of us live far away from home. However my experience has shown me that no matter where you come from we are all friends at Truro High.”

Karen, Boarder


We usually provide a scheduled airport collection and drop off from London Heathrow Airport at the beginning and end of each term for a small charge, and Truro is easily accessible by Train or National Express Coach.

Some girls prefer to travel down as a group by train and our Head of Boarding, Dr Liz Dollins is happy to advise. Please contact her at

School closes in the holidays – from 4pm on the last day of term or half term until 4pm on the day before term starts. During this time your daughter may choose to return home, or during the shorter half term holidays, her guardian may arrange for you to stay with a local host family. This will mean that she can still see her friends and also get a real feel for life in an English family.

Applications from mainland China

所有中国大陆的申请者请联系我们官方代表 Applicants from mainland China may contact us directly or may prefer to contact our partner representative: UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service.

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Please contact our Admissions Team at or call 01872 242902 to find out more.