Why Girls Only?

The most important gifts you can give your daughter are self-confidence and self-belief, and girls’ schools deliver both these qualities in abundance. With only girls in the classroom and on the sports field, both intellectual and physical confidence can grow and girls can truly learn without limits.

Single-sex schools provide girls with the opportunities and encouragement to thrive and provide an environment where the girls help and support one another, creating a connected sisterhood of friends who will stay with them for life.

In a girls’ school, and especially a small girls’ school, it is not about equal opportunities, it’s about all opportunities. We actively encourage you to go along and try everything and to discover hidden talents.

You don’t have to choose between being the dancer or the engineer or the football player – you really can be all three. Every girl can become a leader, be it House Captain, Sports Captain or STEM Ambassador. Every girl can learn to shoulder responsibility and to lead and to inspire – qualities that will last her a lifetime.

At Truro High, we want our students to thrive, not just survive, and that means providing the students with a tailored curriculum that offers learning without limits. Girls’ schools offer a vibrant holistic environment where girls are supported and guided to take risks, to challenge themselves, to be inspired by strong women and to become tomorrow’s leaders in any chosen field.

At Truro High, we want to give your daughter the best start in life and when it comes to education, the evidence is pretty clear – girls do better at single-sex schools.

Girls who attend GSA girls’ schools tend to achieve a disproportionately large share of the top grades. Last year the number of A*/A grades achieved by A level students from girls’ schools was more than double the national average – 53% compared to 25%. The proportion of A-star-C grades among girls’ school students (92.2%) was over a fifth greater than the national average (75.5%).

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Immediate entry possible in some year groups.