School Policies, Handbooks and Reports

The following Policies, Handbooks and Reports are available for you to click and download:

1.     Admissions Policy
2.    Alcohol Policy
3.    Anti-Bullying Policy
4.    Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 
5.    Complaints Policy
6.    Curriculum Policy
7.    Data Retention Policy 
8.    Drugs and Substances Policy 
9.    EAL Policy
10.  Education Guardianship Policy
11.   Educational Visits and Off-Site Activities Policy 
12.  Equal Opportunities Policy 
13.  Fee Debtors Policy 
14.  Fire Safety Policy
15.  First Aid and Medical Provision Policy 
16.  Health and Safety Policy 
17.  Homework, Assessment, Marking and Reporting Policy
18.  Learning Support Policy
19.  No Smoking Policy
20. Online Safety and Mobile Devices Policy
21.  Pupil Supervision Policy 
22. Rewards and Sanctions Policy 
23. Sex and Relationships Education Policy
Staff Recruitment Policy

1.  Parent Handbook
2. Boarding Handbook
3. Privacy Notice
4. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance
5. ISI Report 2018
6. Boarding Inspection Report 2012

Further policies are available for viewing at Main Reception. Please contact the School on 01872 272830 should you require details.