“Start as you mean to go on”

It is the start of the new school year, and surprisingly the sun isn’t always shining! Since I moved to Cornwall just over a year ago, everyone has told me that it rains in August, but the weather is good in September. In fact, my experience as a teacher has taught me that nearly everywhere the sun starts shining as soon as school re-starts.

Summer is Here

It is summer, apparently. As we say a fond farewell to the Royal Cornwall Show once more, it is nearly time for the covers to be regularly drawn across the grass courts of Wimbledon and for families to huddle behind windbreaks on the beach.

Skirmishes Around the Edges

Last week in assembly I spoke to the pupils about how precious education is. I mentioned in the process the girls from Chipok in Nigeria who were kidnapped by Boko Haram more than a year ago and the story of Malala Yousafzai. There are many stories, even in recent years, of attempts to deny children an education. I can only assume it is because education represents power.

Trial and Error

Over recent months my wife and I have been buying a house and we finally moved in in mid-January. For our first six months in Cornwall we were renting and so it is nice to be back in a home which is ours and which we can make ours. It was a bit of a rush trying to move in during term time and so I was grateful for the half term break and the opportunity to do some things around the house.

Illuminating the Minutiae

I awoke with great anticipation on Sunday morning. I was out of bed and had the coffee made in plenty of time. Just after 8.30am I sat down to watch Andy Murray in the Australian Open final. He had had a very promising two weeks and looked back to his form of a year or two ago.

What’s the point(lessness) of homework?

Why do teachers set homework? It is often said that it is because parents like it. I’m a parent and I have to say it sometimes drives me mad. It invades family time at the weekend and can create emotional trauma, especially when it is left until too late in the day and is confronted in an over-tired haze.

Convenience Education

How often do you buy convenience food? Most of us probably buy it more often than we should. However, we wouldn't live off it and we all understand the need for a balanced diet and properly prepared meals.

Research in the Bladerunner Age

In that fantastic movie Bladerunner, the main character Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) is tasked with finding replicants – basically robots which look like humans – amongst the population and destroying them. However, in this postmodern sci-fi fantasy the replicants have become so close to humans in appearance and behaviour that it is almost impossible to tell the real from the unreal.

The Fine Line to Tread to Graduate Job Heaven

In my first few weeks at Truro High School I have been reflecting on public examinations and their place within our education system. As we have celebrated the successes of our young women in GCSEs and A Levels over recent weeks there has been much media coverage, almost exclusively positive, of the halt to grade inflation.