Sixth Form Scholarships

If you are considering taking A Levels at Truro High School, but need some help with the fees, one of the following options may help. 

N.B. If you already receive a scholarship and/or bursary at Truro High School these awards will continue into the Sixth Form subject to the usual annual review. However, please note that these may be ‘topped up’ by a Sixth Form Scholarship and/or Bursary.


Sixth Form Governors’ Academic Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of the cumulative marks achieved in the Numeracy and Literacy Scholarship papers.

Worth up to 15% of standard tuition fees


Sixth Form Academic Scholarship

Awarded on the basis of the Numeracy and Literacy papers PLUS one paper in a subject of your choice.

Worth up to 50% of standard tuition fees

Choose one of these subjects*

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Literature, History, Geography, Religious Philosophy & Ethics Theatre Studies, French, Spanish, Latin, Psychology

*The subject you choose MUST be one of the subjects you will be taking at A Level


Sixth Form Governors’ Bursary

Awarded on the basis of Numeracy and Literacy papers PLUS completion of a means-tested Bursary Form.

Worth up to 50% of standard tuition fees whether as a standalone award or in conjunction with any scholarship.


Isles of Scilly Award

Truro High School has a strong tradition of welcoming Isles of Scilly girls into the Sixth Form as boarders for A Level study. In recognition of the fact that no post-16 education is available to these students on the islands, we offer an Isles of Scilly Award which can go up to a maximum of 50% fee remission against BOTH tuition AND boarding fees.

Candidates are required to sit the Sixth Form Numeracy and Literacy examination papers and parents are required to complete a means-tested Bursary form.