Life in Sixth Form

"The size of our Sixth Form means that we really feel like one ‘big’ family."

“Sixth Form is a place where you can discover who you want to be, with the understanding and support of a group of girls who really are one big sisterhood.

Everyone loves the friendly, relaxed atmosphere where hard work and a smile (alongside a large helping of tea and toast) are the key to getting some incredible grades. Happy faces, laughter and knowing you’ll be supported when the going gets tough are probably the best ways to describe this place – the prospect of revision and exams can be daunting but when there’s a coffee machine and friends close by, anything can be conquered.”

Savannah, Outgoing Head Girl

“There is an amazing difference between Senior School and Sixth Form. The teacher-student dynamic really shifts; lessons become more informal allowing discussion to flow easily and sparking some exciting debate. Having the freedom to plan your time during private study is really liberating whilst smaller class sizes and more time to concentrate on the subjects you enjoy help you discover a passion for learning which continues to grow and grow”

Alice, Year 13