The School Day

The outline school day is shown below but of course many of our girls (day and boarders) take part in a range of clubs at lunchtime and after school which may affect their personal timetable:

7.15am Boarders Wake-Up call
8.00am Boarders breakfast

8.40am All girls to be in form rooms
8.45am Registration (followed by Assembly on Monday and Friday)
9.05am Period 1
10.05am Break
10.25am Period 2
11.30am Period 3
12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Registration
1.40pm Period 4
2.45pm Period 5
3.45pm Senior School and Sixth Form day ends
4.00pm After school clubs

6.00pm Boarders’ supper
6.30 –8.30pm Supervised boarders’ prep
8.30pm – 10pm Bedtimes according to age
11pm Sixth form expected to be in bed and quiet