Random rambling rules for Truro High School for Girls who have a clear favourite among YouTubers in Liza Koshy.

Since 2005, YouTube has been growing in size: what was originally just a website for sharing and watching videos, has now gone global with 300,000 hours of video uploaded per minute.

YouTube is a part of everyday modern life, and some have even turned it into a career.

One of the reasons why YouTubers have become so popular is their relatability. YouTubers have the power to influence their fans. Watching a YouTube video can feel more intimate and authentic than watching television, or watching a film, because the people are normal people who haven’t been talent spotted.

Many people find a career in YouTube appealing, because there is no need to audition. However, there is much skill involved in being successful. Most successful YouTubers are funny and creative. Many YouTubers like to create sketches that will amuse their viewers and get them the most subscribers.

We asked the girls at Truro High who their favourite YouTuber is, and the results are as follows:


Liza Koshy, an American actress and comedic Youtuber, was the clear winner. And it isn’t just the girls at Truro High who think so, almost 8 million people subscribe to her channel! With her relatable humour and the many comedic characters that she has created for sketches, she has become a role model to millions.

Reported by Saskia Beechey-Newman

BBC School Report