Truro High School – Going Greener

It is time for change at Truro High School as the summer term of 2017 will see a new garment introduced.

The ‘Ralph Lauren-esque’, green blazer has received mixed views, with some pupils expressing surprise at the choice of colour combined with ivory binding giving the wearer an air of ‘Wimbledon Official’.

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Sarah Lillicrap, believes the blazer is a “chic and stylish” garment that will enable the school to retain its high profile, private school appearance reflecting the school’s achievements.

She says that the new design is excellent quality, an opinion shared by some pupils who have experienced problems in the past, whilst still being the same price as the former blazer. Many though still are not convinced that this will be accepted amongst the school community. Mrs Lillicrap says that the negativity associated with the blazer is understandable because people are ‘nervous of change’.

Some students feel the design of the blazers could encourage marginalisation of pupils as they attend a private school and it will add to stereotypical images that, in some girls’ opinions, the school should try not to portray. One student thought, “It will attract unwanted attention, it is uncomfortable and quite restrictive – compromising movement. “ This statement is similar to many other criticisms of the black blazer.

More than five students were shown a photograph of a prototype model of the blazer and agreed it was just a little too green with some exclamations of “Yuck!” However, Mr Crump said it reminded him of a Wimbledon design and added that he would wear it himself.

Upon inspection of the product composition, one teacher suggested that instead of 45 per cent wool, the product would prove more durable and possess more quality if there was less polyester present in the material.

The new blazer is made of a polywool mix, designed to be more durable and practical in a modern environment. Vicky Trevail of the school uniform shop, Trevails, said: “These days very few people have an all wool blazer because of the problems of what happens to them in terms of shape and smell when they get wet. For modern, busy parents a polywool mix is more practical and will last much longer.”

Reported by Grace Lott, Iris Nicholls and Erin Bradbury

BBC School Report