Stormy weather hits the South West

A huge storm has hit the South West, causing people to be left without power. Stormy weather caused power cuts throughout the country. Cornwall was most affected, with Truro High School still picking up the pieces today.

Our school was also affected by the harsh weather conditions. Our video clip reveals footage of how severely our school was damaged. We interviewed estate worker Mike Woolcock who said the damage would take up to six weeks to repair.

The worst of the damage was behind the Art block and Modern Languages, while roof slates falling from the boarding house posed such a danger to students that the whole area had to be sealed off.

Two and a half thousand homes were affected in Cornwall yesterday, with more than 2,000 affected in Devon and Somerset. Rare North winds caused havoc and devastation, with gusts picking up to 91mph.

The high winds ripped off roofs, tore down fences and smashed in windows. Conditions were dangerous for drivers and there were many fallen trees scattered around Truro roads.

A car was crushed by a tree in Bordingdon Avenue, Plymouth.

Heavy rain flooded roads all over the south west and the A38 near Liskeard was closed in both ways due to high water levels. On the A30 a lorry has been turned over, due to high winds.

Two boats sunk in the Falmouth harbour, while waves smashed into Gull rock at Portreath in North Cornwall.

Reported by Charlie Barnecutt and Maya Brookes

BBC School Report