Stella fetches hope

Photo credit: Laura Khanlarian

A Truro High School student has defended animal rights by speaking out against the treatment of a dangerous dog currently in captivity.

Stella is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is currently being kept in a small cage by Devon and Cornwall Police, where she has been for two years. Her plight was highlighted recently in a BBC report which revealed she had only been let out twice in two years.

The UK prides itself on being a nation of animal lovers – dogs are a firm favourite – it was recently recorded that there are more than 9,000,000 dogs in the UK. Therefore many people have been horrified to learn the news of Stella, a dog seized by Devon and Cornwall police in 2014 after being classified as ‘dangerous’.

Stella had been locked up in a cage – measuring a mere 3ft x 9ft – for two years, without exercise or human contact.

Karina Ray, 18, found herself unexpectedly fighting for Stella’s rights on live BBC Radio Devon.

After posting a comment on Facebook on the matter of Stella, Karina received an invitation to discuss Stella’s imprisonment on the radio.

Stella Facebook comment

She made her point her very clear by saying, “I don’t think it’s very fair on her [Stella], I think there is a lot of stereotyping that just because she’s a Staffie she must be dangerous.”

Karina also went on to say, “it was never made clear why she was [Stella] was locked up”, which Karina said was a ‘little suspicious’.

However, a recent development may change things for Stella, as a US Staffie rescue charity called ‘Animals r Family’ based in Connecticut has intervened. The shelter, which focuses upon dogs of Stella’s breed, has offered to pay all expenses to fly Stella to America and to help her on road to rehabilitation.

In an interview Karina told us that she was thrilled that someone was at last doing something to help Stella.

So, good luck Stella, we hope your life is on the up now!

Reported by Grace Lott and Charlotte Brown

BBC School Report