NASA Live Video Stream

Dr Ellen Stofan, the chief scientist at NASA has visited Truro High School via a live video stream.

As we sat in our science lab at 3 o’clock on a rainy Friday afternoon waiting, we were all transported into a life of a scientist when the screen flickered into life.  She spoke about life at NASA and what NASA really does and its future goals. She also said that there was a current huge demand for female engineers and scientists. We also got to see some amazing pictures from the Hubble telescope.

The main talk was called ‘Outward, Inward and Homeward’: outward, meaning out into space to the other galaxies of the universe; inward, meaning the medical research learnt from space and homeward, meaning changes humans have made to the planet such as global warming and how we can stop this.

We learnt a lot about volcanoes on other planets and weather in other galaxies. She also mentioned some of the biggest questions as a scientist at NASA “Are We Alone?” and “How did we get here?” as well as, “How does our planet work?”

We talked to our STEM teachers about the event and when we asked them “How do you think this talk really benefitted us?” they replied: “We feel it’s important for a woman to talk to these young girls about her roles in the industry and how it is very exciting and interesting and not just for boys.” We asked them whether they thought engineering was a substantial job. They responded: “YES! It’s a fabulous job where you can really make a big impact in this time of all new breakthroughs in science and there are so many job opportunities, information and money put into research.”

Dr Stofan also spoke to many other girls’ schools right across the country.

Reported by Charlie Barnecutt and Maya Brookes

BBC School Report