The Lodger in the throat – a play by Juliet Trewellard

Next week in St Agnes, the Driftwood Hotel in Cornwall will be showing the original play “Lodger in the Throat” which was written and directed by novelist and teacher at Truro High School, Juliet Trewellard.

The play is based on a fictional Joe Orton play in the Robert Goddard book “Play to the End”.

Best-selling crime writer Goddard wrote “Play to the End”, which is about a down-on-his-luck actor who stars in an imagined long-lost play by playwright Joe Orton.

This play has been brought to life by Juliet Trewellard, who says:

“In many ways it was an honour to work on this. Taking Robert’s original idea, I was at first daunted by the task, but then I had enormous fun creating the dialogue!”

The play is funny and eccentric and very “Ortonesque”.  

“This particular lodger is a really tricky, difficult character,” Juliet Trewellard tells us, laughing.

“And a family have just come back from a funeral of someone who has just died. They go to the house they inherited and find the lodger is still living there, and he tries all sorts of means, mostly foul means, to try to keep the house and get rid of the children. “

Trewellard, talking to BBC School Report, said:

“(Robert Goddard) wrote a book about an actor in Brighton touring in a kind of long-lost forgotten Joe Orton play, and he imagined the Joe Orton play. He and I were chatting, and he said ‘Do you think you could put together some ideas about what the play would be?’ So he and I worked out what the plot would be together, and then I went away and wrote the dialogue, so that’s basically what it is.”

The play starts on Wednesday 22nd March at 7.30pm, and runs until Saturday 25th.


Reported by Clio Marsden

BBC School Report