Combined Truro Schools Art Project

Truro High School’s roving BBC School Report journalists take a look at the phenomenal work created by the school’s Year 9 artists as part of the Combined Truro Schools Arts Project.

The Combined Truro Schools’ Art Project has been running now for over 10 years, celebrating the collaborative work of pupils from more than five local schools in the Truro area. An exhibition of the work created will be held at the Lander Gallery in Lemon Street, Truro, will run from Thursday 10 March until Wednesday 16 March.

The exhibition follows a series of workshops in which Truro High’s Year 9 artists joined pupils from five other schools from the Truro area to work with professional artists. These have ranged from automata making with Falmouth Art Gallery to a photography and storytelling trip to Cape Cornwall. This year the project has chosen to explore Cornish folklore.

Reported by Charlie Barnecutt and Maya Brookes

BBC School Report