Earthquakes hit Italy – An insider’s perspective

Italy has been subjected to a devastating amount of natural disasters in recent months and three of our girls her at Truro High found themselves inadvertently caught in the heart of the recent earthquake which hit the country. Fiona, Catherine and Willow, in Year 9, were all in central Italy at the time.

The earthquake had a magnitude as high as 6.5. It is still feared that it could possibly cause Rome’s dormant volcano to erupt. Already a tragic 297 people have died.

How does that make you feel?

Fiona: Very sad.

Catherine: – Indeed.

Willow: A little worried, but probably not as much as other people would be.

Where were you when you heard the first tremors?

Willow: I was staying in Rome. I was in the shower. The first one was when I was in the shower, and then the other one was when I was in bed.

Fiona: I was in bed too, in Rome.

Catherine: I was in Northern Italy, near Milan, and that’s about fourteen hours away from where the earthquake happened.

What did you at think it was, at first?

Willow: When I was in the shower – the first one- I dint really thing it was anything, and then when I got out, Amber, my sister told me it had been an earthquake.

Catherine: I knew it was an earthquake. I’m used to them, I used to live in Italy.

Fiona: I kind of assumed it was an earthquake. What else could it be?

How does it make you feel to know that the Coliseum has cracks in it from these quakes?

Catherine: Wow.

Willow: A bit worrying because we were actually at the Coliseum that day. It is sad that a historic building could possibly be ruined.

What did you do?

Catherine: Went to sleep.

Fiona: Stayed in bed!

Willow: I tried to forget about it.

What effect did it have on your holiday?

Fiona: My mum screaming! There was also an air pilot strike so I had to stay in Rome for an extra couple of days, which was a bit worrying.

Catherine: The metro wasn’t running the next day.

Willow: it was quite cool to experience an earthquake, not very many people have – I definitely haven’t. It added another level to the trip!   

Reported by Saskia Beechey-Newman and Clio Marsden, Year 9

BBC School Report