Bloodhound Supersonic Car

Do you think your parents drive fast? Well imagine what it is like for Andy Green, the BLOODHOUND SSC car driver. BLOODHOUND has plans to be the fastest car in the world and aims to transform the land speed record by going an extremely impressive speed of 800mph before reaching an even faster speed of 1000mph in 2017.

16 years earlier, Bloodhound’s predecessor Thrust SSC reached speeds of 763mph a feat that has been deemed as famous as the first climb of Everest. However, Bloodhound aims to smash this record. The car-that is as long as a double decker bus and weighs 7786kg fully fuelled-travels 4 ½ football pitches in 1 second and drives faster than a bullet being shot out of a Magnum 357! If you blinked you would miss it!

Around half the thrust from BLOODHOUND SSC comes from the highly sophisticated military jet engine usually found in the engine bay of a Eurofighter Typhoon, the EUROJET EJ2000; this monster of an engine can suck all the air out of an average size house in 3 seconds! Air is sucked into the engine, it is compressed, fuel is added which then burns, and this expands pushing the exhaust out of the nozzle producing thrust.

Bloodhound will run at Hakskeen Pan, which is situated in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, this was where a previous run took place, back in 1929. When Malcolm Campbell arrived at Hakskeen Pan he only managed to reach a mere 231mph, which Bloodhound can achieve even before the rockets are activated! However, before it tries to beat the land speed record, it will be tested out here in Cornwall at Newquay airport!

There is only one more question that has remained un-answered, and that is; what will happen with the car once it has smashed the record? We have had confirmation that BLOODHOUND SSC will be joining THRUST SSC (the previous land speed record holder) at Coventry transport museum once it has done its duties and transformed the land speed record from 763mph to 1000mph.

Reported by Charlotte Brown and Grace Lott

BBC School Report