Aspiring Medics – Targeted Practical Support

Truro High Aspiring Medics receive personalised and targeted practical support in order to help our girls find their passions and harness their potential.

You will receive targeted practical support including:

  • Preparing to apply and what to consider. Lectures, workshops and one-to-one sessions to prepare each student for the individual challenges ahead.
  • Personalised help in preparing for the various university medical entry examinations. Practical tests, support and mentoring tailored to each individual exam.
  • Work experience – Why good grades and a keen interest are no longer necessarily enough. We will help you identify, and secure, the most appropriate work experience available for the degree and university you wish to pursue. Our knowledge of the likes and dislikes of each individual university will ensure you are as well prepared as is possible.
  • Personal statements – One-to-one help and support from our teachers and medical careers advisers in preparing your personal statement plus the chance to formulate ideas and review your submission with the help of current medical students.
  • UKCAT and BMAT Preparation Programme – Ten additional teaching sessions by school specialists in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English to prepare for the BMAT tests.
  • Interview expertise – Pick up tips, gain confidence and hone your skills through talks and a series of mock interviews and MMIs with teachers, medical staff and students.