Aspiring Medics – Upcoming Events

Our tailored calendar of lectures, workshops, mentoring and one-to-one support from medical experts runs throughout the year, aiming to best prepare our medics to pursue their career aspirations and gain places on their chosen university courses. Take a look to see what's coming up.

Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 January

Indra Herbert

Mental Health First Aid Course for Sixth Form Students


Wednesday 24 January

WAMS – Widening Access to Medical School

Diabetes Workshop – developed and delivered by medical students from Plymouth University


Wednesday 31 January

Dr Rachel Roberts

General Practitioner and Teacher of Medical Ethics to Exeter Medical Students

Medical Ethics (including discussions in ethics of the beginning of life, the end of life, general principles of medical ethics, – helpful with interview practice)


Wednesday 7 February

WAMS – Widening Access to Medical School


Basic Life Support workshop – developed and delivered by medical students from Plymouth University


Thursday 8 February 

Evening Lecture

Dr Louise Belfield  

“Colonised: Life in the microbial empire”

Our speaker, Dr Louise Belfield is a lecturer in biomedical sciences at the Peninsula Dental School (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry), with teaching interests including immunology, cell biology, cell signalling and microbiology. As well as her involvement in the planning and delivery of the new 5 year BDS degree, Louise also carries out research in oral immunology. Our evening will consist of one of Louise’s specialist research topics which will give us all a new insight into our own bacteria! 

Microbial cells outnumber ours 10:1. Microbial genes outnumber ours 100:1: We are mostly microbe. In this lecture, we will explore the impact of our microscopic hitchhikers on our own health – how they can keep us well, how they can make us sick, and how we can work with them to build a mutually beneficial society.  Visiting the most intriguing microbial niches in the human body, we will examine how researchers and clinicians are developing novel treatments and diagnostics by targeting the microbiome. Finally, we will look at what we can do to manage our microbes and live a healthy life in the microbial empire.


Wednesday 21 February

Sophie Slater & Marcus Slater


Visual Impairment Workshop: ‘What does being blind look like?’

An insight into conditions including cataracts and macular degeneration


Wednesday 28 February

Dr Chris Tiley

Neurologist, GP, and war zone Doctor

‘Working with Medicines sans frontiers – an introduction to the organisation and my experience in Afghanistan’


Wednesday 7 March

Dr Kath Stephens and Clare Owen

Communication Training

Patient communication training workshop. Scenarios highlighting a ‘bad’ consultation and a ‘good’ consultation – helpful for interview technique and future communication with patients


Thursday 8 March

Evening Lecture

Lauren Bose

‘Expedition and Wilderness Medicine’


Wednesday 14 March 

Jenna Elliott – Rosevean Veterinary Practice

Veterinary case-study interactive session