Aspiring Medics – BRAND NEW: The VIVIT Experience from “Anatomy Lab Live”

We are delighted to add to our jam-packed calendar of Aspiring Medics events this year with the VIVIT Experience from “Anatomy Lab Live” - a one-off event for the county’s budding doctors, dentists and vets.
The event has been reviewed as “an incredible experience filled with scientific content and unlike anything we’ve experienced before” by the BBC.
The one-day workshop took place at school on Sunday 5 November and gave students the chance to follow an in-depth medical course, bringing human anatomy to life. The VIVIT Experience CORE proved ideal for Year 11 GCSE and A Level students looking to develop and secure the understanding of principles of human anatomy and physiology.
The core programme is written to meet the requirements set out by the main examining bodies for Biology and Physical Education at A level, and the individual units for BTEC: Applied Science, Health & Social Care, Forensic and Criminal Investigation, Sport and Sports & Exercise Science.
The event saw the school transformed into an operational pathology lab with students taking part in a live, interactive post-mortem experience under the watchful eye of Senior Trainer Samuel Piri and Clinical Pathophysiologist Scarlett Mellor.
The workshop aimed to make the experience as realistic as possible for the students involved and made use of samples from swine anatomy which were harvested ahead of being moved into VIVIT – a life size synthetic cadaver which was then dissected to teach the structure and function of the human body. The workshop was open to all students from Year 11 to Year 13 and ideal for those considering applying for university to study medicine, dentistry, health courses or the biosciences.
Over the course of the day, delegates worked with real anatomical specimens with each section of the day linking back to A level Biology specifications with careers in health/medicine as a focus.
Truro High School is staged the event as part of its comprehensive, and much lauded, Aspiring Medics programme. To find out more about the event, or the medical programme, please contact the school as soon as possible.