Aspiring Medics Programme

A bespoke, and much lauded, two-year programme for girls wishing to further their studies in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

Working in partnership with medical professionals and the Peninsula Medical School we offer a tailored calendar of lectures, workshops, mentoring and one-to-one support to best prepare our students for the applications and interviews ahead.

The comprehensive two-year programme provides our girls with the personalised support and information they need to select their branch of medicine and then identify, and prepare for, the specific requirements of their chosen place of study.

  • Bespoke learning programme with one-to-one training sessions
  • Specialist lectures
  • Practical workshops
  • Additional tuition to assist with UKCAT and BMAT university medicine entrance exams
  • Unlimited online mentoring
  • Full programme of work experience
  • Truro High Aspiring Medics
  • Truro High Aspiring Medics

“Applying for medicine can be intensely challenging. The process of preparing for aptitude tests, gaining all the relevant work experience, and then illustrating all your insight in 4000 characters or less, can feel like navigating a minefield!

While studying Biology, Chemistry, and Maths at A level (and an EPQ), I have been a part of The Aspiring Medics program, and have found it invaluable in allowing me to network with medical professionals and gain insight into the complex world of medicine, as well as veterinary science and dentistry.

This October, I am applying to be part of the 10% who are successful in their applications for medicine, and I know that the support I have had from the Aspiring Medics staff and associates over the last two years has improved my chances of gaining one of those coveted spots.”

Ezgi, Year 13

Our programme includes:

• A series of lectures and one-to-one support delivered by our own teachers along with industry specialists, medical school staff and fifth year medical students from Peninsula Medical School.

• Preparing for Medicine – An introduction to the medicine career choices available and the academic requirements for each.

• Why the grades alone are not enough – The personal qualities you will need to secure your degree place and the best way of demonstrating those attributes.

• Which university? – A personalised programme to help each student find the right university and then develop her experience to ensure she meets its criteria.

• Meet the professionals – a chance to learn more about medicine, dentistry and veterinary science by talking to those already involved.

• E-Mentoring – Introduction to your programme of ongoing support through the application process from those who remember it well. An online platform to get feedback, and unlimited advice, from current medical students.

• Medicine in Practice – Hands on workshops led by fifth year students from Peninsula Medical School, looking at asthma, diabetes and appendicitis.


Find out more about how we’re inspiring the next generation of medics from our professional testimonials


Start the adventure today by calling our Registrar Miss Catie Shaw on 01872 242904 or email to find out more.