Senior Curriculum Years 7-9

A wide range of subjects is offered in Years 7, 8 and 9 in order to stimulate academic and personal development. Subjects include:

Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English Language, English Literature, Food & Nutrition, French, GeographyHistory, Computing, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religious Philosophy & Ethics, Spanish, Textiles.

The girls also have timetabled PE lessons (2 hours per week in Years 7-11).

In addition the School benefits from a thorough PHSE programme which supports and complements the School’s Healthy School status. Topics covered range from managing money to sex education, from eating healthily to drug awareness and from dealing with bullies to study skills.

Find out more about the subjects we offer as part of our wide and varied curriculum here.

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Year 7 Curriculum 

Year 8 Curriculum 

Year 9 Curriculum 

Homework flows out of work done in the lesson and is designed to encourage independence, to develop interest, to practise skills and to promote confidence. There is a homework timetable in order to avoid overloading on any one day and girls write down their homework in homework diaries noting ‘hand-in’ dates.

Girls will receive the following approximate amount of homework per day:

Year 7       1 hour
Year 8       1.5 hours
Year 9       1.5-2 hours

Education goes far beyond the confines of the classroom. Click here to find out how we are Enriching Learning at Truro High School.