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Truro High’s 100% A Level success

Truro High School girls have excelled again with a 100% pass rate in the A level examinations.

Not only did all the girls pass every exam they took but the standards they achieved were outstanding with 54% of the grades being A* or A and 81% being grade B and above.

The atmosphere was electric as the students and their parents arrived to collect their results on Thursday morning.

Talented students, Merryn Davies-Deacon and Alexandra Jefferies, both scored three A*s and an A and will be going up to Oxford University to study French and Linguistics and Law with European Law respectively.

Merryn was very pleased with her results and so was her mum, Penny Davies, who said: “I’m absolutely delighted. This school has been brilliant and Merryn’s so excited about the next stage in her life.”

Nancy May, as well as scoring excellent grades academically, has chosen to pursue a career as a professional classical singer. She is one of just 20 students to be offered a place at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, although her talent went undiscovered until she joined Truro High School.

Nancy’s mum, Valerie May, said: “We moved to Cornwall from Essex and sending her to Truro High was the best decision we ever made. It’s so nurturing and the music department is second to none. She has had so many opportunities and has been able to concentrate without any distractions. I’m so proud of her.”

Becky Martin-Bawden scored an A* and two B’s to secure a place at Reading University to study Law. She had to take a lot of time off school during her final year to help care for her mum, Julia Martin, who had an accident, but with support from school staff she achieved her goal.

Becky said: “I’m so pleased, I didn’t expect to get an A* for my English, this school is great. I won a music scholarship to come here and have made so much progress; I’m about to take a diploma in the flute and a grade 8 exam in singing. The musical opportunities for travel and performance have been amazing but perhaps the best thing is the friends I have made, friends for life.”

Ms Martin said: “It’s been a really stressful year because of my accident. Its amazing she’s done so well.”

Becky’s grandmother, Frances Martin, said: “I’m cockahoop, if I could have managed it I’d have done a cartwheel. We’re going out for a celebration lunch now followed by seeing Michael McIntyre live in Plymouth tonight – we booked it for results day just in case we needed cheering up.”

Emily Haddy, who scored an A*, A and B will be starting a degree in Conservation Biology at Exeter University’s Tremough campus this autumn. Her mum, Katy, is a High School ‘old girl’ and encouraged her daughter to join the school in the Sixth Form.

Emily said: “I was worried when I came because I thought everyone would be in friendship groups already, but they were so welcoming and I have had so many opportunities here, for example, I’m a trained lifeguard now and work in the school pool in my spare time.”

Other outstanding High School results include: an A* and two As each for Lucinda Allen, who will study French at Southampton; Holly Holdsworth, who is to study Chinese at Edinburgh and Pamela Oshinyemi who will be taking a gap year before applying to study medicine.

Headmistress of Truro High School, Caroline Pascoe, said: “The girls deserve these excellent grades. Supported and encouraged by both staff and parents, they have worked extremely hard. We’re delighted with their successes, wish them all well for the future and look forward to them coming back to tell us about how they are getting on.”


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