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Truro High Staff receive a dousing in Ice Bucket Challenge

Truro High staff got on their raincoats and other creative, if less protective, attire to brave the chilly perils of a soaking for the Ice Bucket Challenge last Friday in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association and WaterAid.

Headmaster Glenn Moodie, the Senior Leadership Team and other fearless members of staff came dressed for the occasion in fantastic costumes ranging from wetsuits and banana suits to rugby kit and playing cards. Revealing his secret identity under the mortarboard as Superman, Headmaster Glenn Moodie prepared with other members of staff with an all-important warm up before a swift and icy cool down. The lucky girls having been randomly selected to issue the dousing took their places buckets in hand as the rest of the school looked on cameras at the ready.

Truro High staff took the sluicing in their stride. A picture can say a thousand words, YouTube can say a million. It’s a good thing that so many girls had their phones out and so did we. Take a look at to see the drenching in full colour and HD.We would like to extend a massive thank you to all the girls, parents and staff who came along. So far we have raised an incredible £159.17 for WaterAid and £168.36 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.There has already been a fantastic response on both Facebook and Twitter and we would love to hear more. Please share your pictures and videos of the bucketing with us so that together we can support and raise awareness about two very important causes in the wettest possible manner.

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