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Truro High School welcomes Dr Dollins and her ducks

Truro High is delighted to introduce new Head of Boarding, Dr Liz Dollins – a ballroom-dancing classicist who joins us, along with her husband Freddie and their entourage of four ducks.

Raised in South Wales, Dr Dollins studied Classics at Swansea, Oxford and Exeter before working at Cheltenham Ladies College in both academic and pastoral roles.

In her spare time Liz enjoys baking (especially with the eggs laid by her ducks) and reading and is currently burning the midnight oil as she works her way through the Poldark series. Although not a very sporty person, she loves dancing, and learnt both Latin and Ballroom while at university.

Dr Dollins is also a musician, her main instrument being Viola, and this year she will be teaching Prep 3, 4 and 5 Music as well as taking Prep 2 Recorder Club and Prep Choir.

She said: “I was drawn to Truro High by the genuine atmosphere of community at the school, and also by the attitude that girls can achieve anything they set their minds to. I think this is a really important message for girls and young women as they start on their life’s journey; one of my teachers used the mantra “I can and I will”. “

“Until I was about 12 I spent probably every holiday in Cornwall, at all times of the year, and my brother spent a year in Truro singing as a Lay Clerk in the Cathedral Choir, so I know some parts of the county really well. I am looking forward to getting to know Cornwall much better with the boarding family, and also to introducing Freddie to this beautiful county.”

Joining Dr Dollins at Truro High is her husband Freddie who works as a Patent Attorney, and in his spare time plays the trombone. With a degree in Engineering and Computer Science, he has already started to help out with the School’s Greenpower car club.

The school wishes a big welcome to them both and, of course, the ducks who have now taken up residence in our school grounds.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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