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Truro High School Girls inspired by animals

From a real Salamander to a watermelon shark eating sweet pepper fish, Truro High School Prep has been filled with an eye-catching array of animal-inspired art, creative writing and family pets.

The display is all part of the annual end of year Pet Show – an eagerly anticipated and highly competitive event.

The girls are asked to use their pets – or any animal they chose – to inspire them. Each year group produces poetry, photographs, creative writing, art, miniature gardens and animals fashioned from fruit and vegetables.

Some pupils also bring their pets to school. This year saw the hall looking like a small zoo with guinea pigs, a couple of ducks, hamsters, a gerbil, a rabbit, tadpoles and some week-old Bantam chicks. Sisters, Zophia and Erica brought their salamander, Douglas, who brought his own packed lunch – live crickets. Zophia explained their mother’s maiden name was Douglas and her family crest features a salamander, which is why they chose their new pet.

“What a fantastic, diverse and creative collection,” said Prep Headmistress, Alison Miller. “I really wouldn’t like to be judging any of the categories. The girls have really showcased their creative talents – we’re very proud of them all for demonstrating such flare!”

Published by: Darren Stevens

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