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Truro High School Athlete gets National recognition and support

The fencing achievements and potential for future success enjoyed by Truro High School pupil, Teresa Norejko, have earned her a place on the national Youth Sports Trust mentoring programme, IeXcel.

She was nominated by the British Fencing Association, the national governing body of her sport, after yet another successful season of competition during which she competed for Britain – both in this country and abroad.

Highlights of her successes this season have included representing Great Britain in the under 20 women’s Sabre section at an event in Madrid – the youngest competitor in the squad – where she won a fight and representing Wales in the 2011 UK School Games Wales under 18 team – once again as the youngest member.

Teresa, originally from Llandovery, South Wales and a Truro High School boarder, is currently preparing for her GCSE examinations. The IeXcel programme will be a huge help in juggling her athletic and academic commitments as it includes advising one of her teachers on how to ensure Teresa achieves her full potential in all aspects of her life.

She has been allowed to choose her own school mentor and has asked biology teacher, Michelle Sharp to take the role.

Mrs Sharp said: “I’m delighted to be able to help. Teresa has great potential and it’s really important that we give her the support she needs to perform well in both her sporting events and her academic studies. We will be meeting at least twice each term specifically to discuss how she is coping with the demands on her time and trying to ease any problems she may be encountering. Hopefully, with continued support and collaboration, she will go on to achieve even greater success.”

The fencing season is drawing to a close and Teresa only has two more major competitions – the Public Schools Fencing Competition at Crystal Palace at the end of March and the British Youth Championships in Sheffield at the end of April.

Although there will be a break from competition, however, training continues throughout the year. Teresa’s plans include attending a four-day residential training camp over Easter and four weeks of camps during the summer holidays. She is also hoping to stay at school after her GCSEs are completed to train morning and evening and to start her pre-A level studies.

Teresa’s mother, Maria, explained that her daughter moved to Cornwall two years ago to train with the prestigious Truro Fencing Club, adding that she and her husband chose Truro High School not just for its excellent academic reputation but also because staff are willing and able to offer her daughter all the pastoral care her extra athletic activities demand.

“School staff are always accommodating and give Teresa so much help and encouragement,” she said. “We really appreciate all they do and, with the IeXcel programme, that support will be even more defined.

“Hopefully next season Teresa will build on the two years training hard with Truro Fencing Club and manage to balance the work load of A levels, a GBR Cadet International season and possibly a GBR under 20 international season.”


Published by: Darren Stevens

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