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Truro High Goes International

Nations of the world were united at Truro High School's first ever International Day.

Dressed up in a multitude of different costumes to represent a wide variety of countries, pupils from Years 3 to 8 enjoyed a day full of learning about other cultures and languages.

Starting with a shared French breakfast funded by the PTA, pupils moved on to lessons that had all been prepared with an international perspective in mind. In Maths, they learnt about the Egyptian approach to the subject, Geography focused on World Cup competitors, Science looked at the research being done by different world scientists and there were lots of language lessons for everyone – including taster sessions in Italian and Russian.

There was also an opportunity for all the pupils to take part in a special International Day concert that was staged in the afternoon. Year 8 taught their audience some words in Africaans and then performed a traditional African rain dance, Years 3 and 4 sang Sunderise Early in the Morning and explained what a didgeridoo is, Years 5 and 6 sang a South American song and one Year 7 group acted out a short Greek tragedy whilst the other entertained fellow pupils with an Indian dance that had been choreographed by Head Girl Fatima Dalal.

“The day has been a real success,” said Headmistress Caroline Pascoe. “Languages and an appreciation and understanding of other people’s cultures have always been very important at Truro High and we’re keen to continue building on that by ensuring that all our students feel confident in communicating and working with people from different nationalities.

“Technology and transport links have made the world a much smaller place. I believe that it’s vital for young people need to be comfortable thinking in global terms if they are to achieve in their chosen careers.”

Published by: Darren Stevens

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