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Truro High girls top Ten Tors Challenge

A team of pupils from Truro High School battled against some of the poorest weather conditions seen over a Ten Tors weekend to complete the challenge and finish as the third fastest all-girls team in the event.

Battling against torrential rain, high winds, mist and swollen rivers, captain Hannah Lee (Devoran) led her team, consisting of Georgina Turner (Truro), Tess Hughes (boarder), Lucy Turriff (Tregavethan), Jemima Davison (St Merryn), Freya Martin (Mount Hawke), for the 35 miles over two days, finishing in 28th place overall and the third all-girls team to cross the finishing line.

Of the 210 teams involved, over 200 individuals did not finish, resulting in the highest dropout rate ever.

Hannah said: “We were quite nervous at the start as we were right at the front and there were so many teams. The weather was really bad, which we hadn’t experienced in any of our practices, but we learnt a lot about team work and because we found it quite emotional, we really had to help each other to boost morale.”

Headmistress, Caroline Pascoe, said: “Ten Tors is known to be inhospitable but this year has seen the worst weather conditions ever. I am extremely proud of the girls who not only stayed together, but they also achieved a great finishing time.

“I am a real advocate of the Ten Tors challenge as it allows youngsters to go out and make real decisions for their well-being. It tests their teamwork, navigation skills, determination and is all undertaken without supervision.”

Published by: Darren Stevens

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