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Truro High Girls follow in the footsteps of Stirling Moss

With their increasing involvement in the national Greenpower racing events, engineering is a subject which students at Truro High have found a real passion for.

For the third consecutive year, Truro High’s Greenpower Race team have spent an exhilarating weekend speeding round the track, this year taking place on the Castle Combe Circuit. With vast improvement on their previous performance and ambition at its highest level yet, the team has one goal for 2015 – to be one of the top 100 entrants and qualify for the prestigious International Goodwood final.

Castle Combe Circuit opened in 1950, and the first meeting was staged on July 8 by the Bristol Motorcycle & Light Car Club. Over the next few years, the circuit has attracted star names such as Stirling Moss, Mike Hawthorn, Roy Salvadori and John Surtees. The Greenpower races are held here as part of the build up to Goodwood providing a huge opportunity for young people to build and race electric powered cars on top racing circuits around the country. The Greenpower Education Trust celebrates the engineering expertise and driving skills of young people presenting the engineering industry as an interesting and relevant career choice.

Jon Dean, Truro High School Head of Science, explained: “The Greenpower project is beneficial in so many ways; the thrill of competition, working as a team, highlighting the importance of renewable and sustainable energy but it also igniting and fuelling a passion for engineering.”

The team were ready and raring to go by the first race at 11:30, having spent the morning practicing on the circuit and ironing out any possible issues. Their first race was well executed although a little short of our target so the girls decided to take a much needed pit stop and regroup. Drivers Mary, Lexie and Gaby did a fantastic job despite the fierce competition at this level of racing; schools and colleges from as far as Poland compete at Castle Combe.

Although the team just fell short of their target, they achieved a fantastic personal best and significantly improved on last year’s lap times. All the girls had a wonderful time and we truly believe that with continued support and further sponsorship we have the potential to reach the top 100 and the prestigious International Goodwood Final.

The Greenpower Race team would like to invite you to their end of season afternoon tea at 4.00pm on Wednesday 8th October 2014. Join them to reflect on performance this season, the modifications that were made and plan ahead with high hopes for next season. We would like to thank all our supporters and encourage further investment in the Greenpower team project.

Come along if you are just interested in what the Greenpower team have been up to or would like to consider investing in this exciting and innovative project encouraging young people to fully reach their potential on and off the track.

Follow the progress of both Truro High Race Teams at

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