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Stars shine brightly in Truro High Nativity

When the girls and boys of Truro High's Nursery and Pre-Prep classes took to the stage to perform their story of the big star that wouldn't shine until it felt the love of a newly-born Jesus, there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

Unperturbed by the bank of cameras focused on them and the proud, unwavering gaze of parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, the youngsters acted, sang and danced their way through the familiar tale of the Nativity, enchanting everyone who watched.

Narrators Elizabeth Grande-Eguiluz and Hannah Plowright did a magnificent job of providing clearly heard links whilst Izzy Leigh as the big star who couldn’t find her shine certainly shone throughout. The costumes were colourful and beautifully made and, by the time the whole cast sang a final ‘We Wish You Merry Christmas’, it’s safe to say that everyone present was well and truly in festive mood.

“Everyone involved in the performance has worked really hard and I’m very proud of what they have achieved,” said Prep School Headmistress Alison Miller. “It’s been a great start to Christmas.”

Published by: Darren Stevens

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