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Prep School turn back the clock 2500 years

A Truro High Prep School class swapped their usual uniforms for togas and sandals this week, as they recreated life and learning as it would have been over 2500 years ago.

Prep 3 got hands-on with their history lessons this week becoming Ancient Greek scholars for a morning of time-travelling lessons.

Alongside dressing in ancient costume, the classroom was transformed into the Platonic Academy with traditional lessons given an ancient perspective.

The girls studied maths with hand-made abacus, learnt how to write their names in Ancient Greek and created their own versions of Hellenic folk melodies using modern-day instruments.

The girls had spent weeks preparing for the event including creating their own abacus with wool and beads and decorating their costumes with traditional Greek ‘meander’ motifs in art. Their history lessons had been spent researching education in Classical Greece to find out how schooling differed for their ancient counterparts.

The girls even had the chance earlier in the term to handle genuine ancient artefacts from a local museum.

Prep 3 Freya said: “It was really interesting trying out being an Ancient Greek. Lots of things they used were very different to us and it was strange using objects like an abacus to do sums. Music is my favourite lesson so making ancient songs was lots of fun; if you closed your eyes, you could have been in Ancient Greece.”

There are more exciting opportunities for interactive history lessons ahead for the class. The girls are planning to hold their own Ancient Greek feast later in the term to further their exploration of the Classical past.

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