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Prep School runners wipe the floor at Cornwall Cross Country finals

It was a runaway victory for Truro High Prep 5s Poppy and Hannah as the girls placed third and fourth in the finals of the Cornwall Cross Country Championships yesterday afternoon.

The girls were also delighted to be part of the group to be crowned Peninsula Team winners.

If their last gruelling run through deep mud proved a challenge, yesterday’s final was a real slog which saw the county’s brightest and best runners fighting it out on a course which, in Director of Sport Ms Kat Barbery-Redd’s own words, looked more like “Glastonbury” than a race track.

Competitors had won their places in the final following three tough rounds of competition to be whittled down to the top 60 runners in each age group.

Hannah and Poppy’s teammates also put in some phenomenal performances at the competition. Prep 4 Anna finished 12th closely followed by Prep 3 Azura and Prep 6 Camilla who both placed in the top 20 runners in their age group.

They all returned home caked in mud but incredibly proud and, in quite a few cases, sporting medals for their fantastic efforts.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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