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Pets and Produce on show

Daphne the duck seemed to want to play, Hopscotch the gerbil clearly wanted to run around and Caramel the chicken was focused simply on her eggs. It's not every day that an animal is brought to school but those on show for Truro High Prep's pet and produce day certainly appeared to be relaxed about their new surroundings.

The event takes place annually with pupils competing in a variety of different classes. Pets and the way they were being looked after was judged by local vet Sarah Hall and miniature gardens and artistic produce creations by former pupil and teacher Mrs Sue Holman.

There was a good deal of excitement as girls proudly showed off their pets or art work to friends and then congratulated each other on the results achieved.

“They all have a lot of fun and they do learn a lot about animal care in the process,” said Truro High Prep Headteacher Alison Miller. “The work that goes into their gardens and turning fruit and vegetables into works of art is also very impressive.”


Published by: Darren Stevens

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