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Nursery in pyjamas for Children in Need

Going to school in your pyjamas is not something that happens every day so there was huge excitement when the boys and girls of Truro High School Nursery did exactly that for Children in Need.

Sleep was definitely not on the cards as the youngsters enjoyed themselves baking jam tarts for the occasion – helping their mums and dads who had also been cooking cakes and other goodies to sell to older pupils during recreation. They also had some bedtime stories read to them.

“They’ve had a great time,” said Head of Nursery Tracey Kemp. “They know it’s important to help children who may be ill or have other problems. We do something for Children in Need every year but this is the first time that we’ve all turned up in our night clothes!”

Staff, children and parents raised £125.76 for the charity.

Published by: Darren Stevens

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