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Nativity, Santa and a very different Red Riding Hood

If you thought Red Riding Hood was a sweet little girl who narrowly escapes becoming wolf meat, think again. In Roald Dahl's version, she is a gun-slinging, fur-loving little vixen who also turns out to be rather fond of pigs' skin - a portrayal perfectly performed by Ruth Smith, 10, and Chelsea Stimpson-Thurlby, 10, in Truro High School Prep's hilarious Christmas play.

Playing to a packed audience, pupils managed to successfully combine two traditional tales – Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs – in a highly entertaining drama that saw a change of cast during the interval. Amelia Heather, 11, and Ellie Owen, 10, both proved themselves very convincing wolves and Niamh Westgarth, 10, as grandma displayed real comic talent.

Nursery and Pre-Prep’s play, ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’ was performed the day before and, like most nativities, was an absolute delight. From the boys and girls dressed as sheep, a cow and a donkey to the snowflakes with attitude, the angels, the star, Mary, Joseph and the wise men, everyone played their part to perfection – including the two narrators who showed reading skills well beyond their years. Needless to say, by the time the show ended, there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa, of course, and the Nursery children were delighted when he visited them – complete with a sack of presents.

“I think I can safely say that staff and pupils have all enjoyed the end of term activities and are now looking forward to Christmas Day with their families,” said Truro High Headmistress Caroline Pascoe. “It’s what this time of year is all about.”


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