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‘My friends and I would do Sixth Form again in a heartbeat’

Former student Katy Hall re-visited Truro High School this week to tell current pupils, parents and visitors that she and her friends 'would do sixth form again in a heartbeat' if they had the chance.

Katy, from Truro, is reading medicine at Bristol University but returned to Truro High to speak at the school’s Sixth Form Information Evening. She took A levels in Chemistry, Biology, French and German and said that the combination of sciences and languages enabled her to do an additional course in Medical French at the university, as well as helping her to secure a place on the Medical Humanities degree course that she is taking in her third year before returning to her studies to become a doctor.

“The school encourages wide interests and I’ve carried that on,” said Katy. “My advice to everyone is make the most of the teachers here because they really are excellent. I loved Truro High Sixth Form. Going to an all girls’ school didn’t limit my social life in any way at all but it did allow me to focus and that was very important.”

Katy was joined on the speakers’ podium by current sixth form students Poppy Ellison, from Falmouth, Bryher Flanders, from Truro and Beth Thomas from the Isles of Scilly. Poppy has been at the school since Year 2, Bryher joined in Year 7 and Beth has just joined as a full-time boarder.

“Coming here was a big adjustment but after just one month I feel I know everyone and the boarding house is so comfortable and relaxed it really does feel like home,” she said. “I’m so glad I came.”

Head of Sixth Form, Deb Freeman, told the audience that Truro High students continued to achieve excellent exam results with 100% of candidates achieving A* or A in their Maths A level this year and 85% of leavers getting into their first choice of university.

“Sixth Form is very friendly and everyone works together very well,” she said. “We succeed because, as a small school, we are able to treat the girls as individuals – guiding them carefully so they can maximise their own potential. They are also able to take advantage of the many leadership and extra-curricular opportunities we offer them – helping them acquire additional skills and qualifications that set them apart as they embark on the next stage of their career journey.”


Published by: Darren Stevens

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