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Lots of happy girls at Truro High School

Girls are celebrating an A Level overall pass rate of 100% at Truro High School, with 42% achieving A* or A and 77% achieving A* or B. 92% got passes at A* to C.

There was a lot of nervous tension in the air when the students and some of their equally anxious parents started arriving at 8am – two hours earlier than normal to take advantage, if necessary, of the clearing process. As it turned out, almost all the girls got their first choice of university and course.

Poppy Ellison, from Falmouth, was one of the first to open her envelope. Having secured a conditional offer from St Hugh’s College, Oxford to study Classics she needed the right grades to get the hotly contested place confirmed. One A* and three As in English Literature, French, Latin and Mathematics were more than enough and there was lots of hugging and crying when she realised her dream had become reality.

“I’m exhausted but so elated,” she said, smiling from ear to ear. “All the hard work has paid off and I just feel so lucky to have had such supportive family and teachers.”

Julia Maskell, from Devoran, was similarly ecstatic. Having achieved an A*in French and 3 As in English Literature, Mathematics and Spanish, she will now go on to Nottingham University to study Law and Spanish.

“I’m so relieved the waiting is over,” she said. “My friends and I will be celebrating in Falmouth tonight.”

Claudia Winn, from Mithian, exceeded her own expectations with thee As in English Literature, Geography and Mathematics. She is going to study Politics at Sheffield University.

“The grades are more than I was hoping for,” she said. “I had to work really hard but all the effort has paid off and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go now.”

Claudia’s Mum, Claire, was equally thrilled.

“She’d told us that she didn’t think she’d done very well and we were convinced that would be the case. I can’t even begin to describe how proud I feel. Claudia and I never cry but we’re both very tearful today. It’s such a wonderful moment.”

Verity Ford, from St Day, also got better than expected results, scoring As in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She joined Truro High in the Sixth Form as a boarder and is now considering doing a gap year.

“I so wanted to do well and I’m absolutely over the moon,” she said. “I’ve got my first choice of Medicinal Physiology at Leicester University but I’m now thinking of re-applying to do Medicine somewhere next year instead. That’s what I really want to do and now I’ve got the grades. Coming to Truro High and boarding has helped me so much in the last two years. I’ve had a great time and all the work has definitely been worth it.”

Have higher tuition fees made a difference to the students?

Former Head Girl Issy Turriff, from Threemilestone, thinks so. She got the 2As and a B in English Literature, History and Religious Philosophy she needed to get her into Bristol University to study English but she had to think long and hard about choosing a subject she loves – even though it might not necessarily lead straight into a job.

“I had to be encouraged because I will end up having to pay back an awful lot of money,” she said. “It’s a big commitment but English is what I’m passionate about so I’ve decided to go for it.”

Lily Egbers, from St Austell, chose her course on the basis that it was vocational and therefore more likely to help her into work. With an A and 2 Bs in Business Studies, Classical Civilisation and Textiles, she is going to study Fashion Management and Marketing at the University for Creative Arts in Epsom.

“I deliberately went for something that was likely to get me a job,” said Lily. “I love fashion and it seemed the practical, sensible option.”

Caroline Pascoe, Headmistress of Truro High, said it had been a much tougher year for the school’s Year 13 students.

“Last year, the girls had a lot of motivation to get into university before the fees went up but this year’s cohort know that they are going to be taking on huge loans without any guarantee of future employment, especially in the current climate. It’s been hard for them but their determination to succeed despite the additional challenges certainly hasn’t diminished. I’m incredibly proud of them all and wish them every success as they take the next big step in their lives.”


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