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Learning how to cook safely

Staff and students at Truro High School have been presented with Level 2 awards in food safety and catering.

Food and Nutrition teacher Lynne Williams has run the qualification for the first time since the school became a recognised centre for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Sixth form students were able to study for the award over six weeks as part of their enrichment programme, whilst members of staff did their training in the evenings. Food and nutrition A Level student and Deputy Head Girl Jessica Inkster also passed an additional Level 2 exam in healthier food and special diets.

“The course has proved very popular because students find it very useful in getting holiday work in catering and staff need it for when they go away on school trips or are involved in the boarding house,” said Mrs Williams. “Next year we will be opening it up to GCSE pupils and, in the future, we hope to run it for both parents and the wider public.”

Headmistress Caroline Pascoe was amongst those getting a certificate.

“It’s been very interesting and I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “Cooking in one form or another is something that most of us do but it isn’t until you start looking more closely at the process that you realise some culinary practices are less than perfect when it comes to hygiene.

“I’m really pleased that the school has achieved training centre status and that both the girls and the staff are able to benefit greatly from the training Lynne provides.”


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