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High School Tennis ace is top ranked player in the South West

Outstanding performances in her first ever tennis tour have earned Truro High School's Daisy Chapman the number one ranking for tennis players in the South West under 9 girls age group.

The talented nine-year-old prep school pupil only began formal training a year ago and became under 8 county champion in August.

During the Easter holidays, Daisy competed at four grade 3 regional tournaments in six days – playing as many as five 20-30 minute matches a day.

Those tournaments were in Maidenhead, where she came fourth; Welwyn Garden City, where she won the consolation draw; Gloucester, where she came second and Swansea, where she won her age group.

As a direct result of her top ranking and recent success, Daisy has also been offered a coveted place at the LevertonWilliams Tennis Performance Academy in Bodmin.

She already trains four times a week, for up to two hours a session, with Heron Tennis Centre, Newquay, close to her home in Grampound Road and will spend an additional two hours a week at the performance academy in Bodmin.

“I love tennis and I’m glad I’m good at it,” said Daisy. “It’s fun, it gives me a focus and it makes me want to make something of my life, not just stay at home and watch television.”

All the training means a closely monitored schedule for Daisy organised by her family and supported by staff at the top rated Truro school.

Sara Chapman, Daisy’s mum, said: “Until last April we lived in Cyprus where Daisy and I used to play regularly on the tennis courts near our home. We joined Heron Tennis Centre when we settled in England and it became clear very quickly that she has a real talent for the sport and the potential to achieve national status. The academy training schedule means leaving school early on a Friday afternoon, but staff at Truro High School Prep have been amazingly helpful, supportive and encouraging.”

Daisy’s next big event will be in Cardiff in May. This will be followed by a week-long trip to The Steinbach Tennis Club in Frankfurt. The Heron and Steinbach clubs have links and often invite members to train at each other’s facilities. Daisy would normally be considered too young to make the trip but the standard of her tennis means not only has she been asked to train with them but also to compete for the German club in two tournaments.

Headmistress of Truro High School Prep, Alison Miller, said: “Daisy clearly has a huge talent for tennis that we are not only happy to accommodate but have the experience and facilities to support and nurture. She has a very exciting future ahead of her.”

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