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High School students speak out for girls worldwide

Pupils at Truro High School Prep are speaking out in support of the need to ensure girls throughout the world have access to a quality education.

In support of the Send My Sister to School project, a part of the Global Campaign for Education, the girls have drawn 100 ‘sister’ figures and covered them in written thoughts expressing why they enjoy their education and why they feel it should be every child’s right to be educated.

Their ‘sisters’ will be sent to Truro and Falmouth MP, Sarah Newton, who will send them on to join similar work completed by thousands of schools across the UK as well as schools in 100s of countries worldwide. The aim is to demonstrate their commitment to Education for All.

Send my Sister to School is part of a global campaign for education driven by a coalition of child rights activists, teachers’ unions and development organisations from around the world which are united in their determination to make the right to education a reality.

To deepen the girls’ understanding of the issues that have sparked the campaign, Truro High’s year 5 teacher and prep school geography co-ordinator, Yvette Simpson, organised a number of other special events. They all watched a DVD about children in other countries not attending school and why then worked with ‘buddies’ to discuss the subject. The issue was also worked into geography lessons.

Mrs Simpson said: “It’s an important part of education to understand the issues faced by others. The girls have really taken this project to heart and we hope our small voice will help to make a big impact.

“I think taking an active part in the campaign has also made the girls realise just how lucky they are and encouraged them to want to help those less fortunate then themselves.”

The Global Campaign for Education was launched in 2000 when the Millennium Development Goals were agreed and world leaders promised that by 2015 every child would have the opportunity to complete a free primary education taught by qualified teachers.

Several celebrities have become involved with the project including Claudia Winkleman, Dermot O’Leary and Sara Cox. Truro High School joined the campaign four years ago. Last year, 2010, their efforts joined those of 1 million pupils from across the globe who took part in the campaign.


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