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High School girls go solar

After months of planning and negotiation, Truro High School has introduced solar power as part of its rolling programme of renewable energy plans.

Ninety solar PV panels now sit on a grassed area next to the school’s indoor swimming pool generating up to 18 kWp of energy which will offset the power used by the pool’s air management and water heating system. Any excess will be fed back into the national grid.

Staff and pupils will soon be able to see how much energy they are creating and saving with the solar panels via a digital readout electronically relayed to the school’s TV display screens.

High School Bursar, Bryan Login, said: “With the ‘Feed in Tariff” deadline looming we gave the go-ahead to our chosen supplier, ‘Going Solar’ to fit the panels. The benefits will be twofold as the solar panels will not only mean a major reduction in our utility costs but also our carbon footprint.”

Mr Login explained that the availability of the grassed area used to position the panels is also a benefit as it means they are easily accessible and can be cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency, a task not easily achieved if the panels are on a roof.

As part of the introduction of solar panels, the school is also looking to be involved with ‘Going Solar’s’ educational package which offers to provide a prize to schools organising an annual environment-related competition.

Truro High Headmistress, Caroline Pascoe, said: “Environmental studies are a key part of our curriculum and we take the importance of protecting the environment very seriously. Solar panels are just the most recent step taken – we are already working on low energy lighting, waste management and water-saving schemes and are looking to further enhance our renewable energy plans.”


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