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High School girl’s attention to detail wins design competition

A detailed design of her ideal garden has won Truro High School pupil Patricia Longthorp £250 for herself and a further £1,000 for the top-rated school.

Patricia, 13, from Truro, not only won her age category but was also overall winner in the fourth annual Lillicrap Chilcott’s Design Challenge which attracted almost 600 entries from across the county.

Judging the designs, award-winning, Cornwall-based garden designer, lecturer and TV presenter, Matt James, said Patricia’s entry was so good that he might feel a little worried if she was intending to join the garden design business in the future.

Patricia, a keen artist who plans to become an architect, was introduced to the competition by her art teacher at Truro High School, Robin Hunter. After discussing her ideas with him, she created a detailed picture of a formal garden with lawns, meandering paths, mature trees, a Wendy House, swimming pool, traditional Victorian greenhouse and a pavilion-style outbuilding incorporating a WC. Although a two-dimensional design, Patricia added contour lines to show the garden’s undulations and also picked out individual aspects and drew them in more detail at the side of her entry. In a two hundred word description she detailed the look of the garden – not just during the day but also at night, including specific lighting techniques.

Lillicrap Chilcott Media and Marketing Director, Sarah Lillicrap, said: “In terms of detail and skill Patricia’s design could not have been better. She absolutely delivered what we wanted – showing how materials can be used well and sensitively with the landscape. This competition is an exercise that we hope not only helps young designers but could also help Cornwall – the way the county looks is extremely important to its success.”

Patricia said: “I experimented a bit before I decided on the finished design which I drew with coloured pencils. It was amazing when the judge announced that I had won my category and the overall prize.”

High School Headmistress, Caroline Pascoe, said: “Obviously we’re delighted with the prize money but also very excited that Patricia’s talent has been recognised and celebrated – her garden design is outstanding!”


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