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High School Fencer to Represent Team GB in World Championships

Truro High School fencing ace, Teresa Norejko, has been selected to represent Great Britain in a qualifier for the junior Fencing World Championships.

The 17-year-old A Level student will fly to Sosnowiec, Poland, in time for the competition which is due to take place on November 17th and 18th. She will be part of the 18-strong Under 20s team of nine girls and nine boys, several of whom are members of the Truro Fencing Club Teresa belongs to. She will compete in both the team and individual events.

If the team is successful those selected will take part in the World Championships in Columbia, next year. But, regardless of her performance in November’s event, Teresa will not be accepting any more international competition invitations until after completing her A Level exams next summer.

Teresa’s mum, Maria Norejko said: “We are so proud Teresa has been selected but understand her decision to spend the rest of this academic year concentrating on schoolwork to secure the best possible results in her exams. Once again, staff atTruro High School have been exemplary in their understanding and encouragement.”

High School Headmistress and former British Olympian, Caroline Pascoe, said: “Teresa’s fencing achievements have been outstanding and we are proud to give her all the support necessary to help balance the demands of both international competition and academic work. Even after she leaves the school we will follow her future fencing achievements with great interest.”


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