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Harvest Festival Celebration

Truro High School Nursery and Pre Prep have celebrated Harvest Festival with an assortment of acting, singing and dancing.

There wasn’t an empty seat in sight as parents, family, staff and older pupils gathered to watch the Nursery, Reception and Pre-Prep girls and boys display their impressive talents.

An array of animal and vegetable costumes appeared, making for a colourful spectacle from the children.  The nursery sang “Autumn Leaves” accompanied by a dance, prompting lots of “awwws” from their spectators.  There were favourite harvest foods and interesting harvest facts from Reception and Prep One, while Prep 2 flaunted the traditional harvest bread selection they had made earlier.

The Festival was rounded off with an excellent performance by the whole group, which saw an old man, old woman and many different animals tugging at a “gigantic turnip” stuck in the ground.  There were cheers when the turnip surfaced, all due to the help of a little, hungry mouse.  The applause nearly took the roof off as the audience praised the stars of the show which included every single pupil who took part in this joyous occasion.

“Everyone was extremely proud and so impressed by the children’s brilliant acting, singing and dancing,” said Alison Miller, Head of the Prep School. “It is really lovely to see the children learning about the meaning of the harvest whilst also having fun. We all enjoyed the occasion enormously.”

Ends     28 October 2013

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