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Didn’t they do well!

Pupils at Truro High School have once again achieved excellent results - this time for acting, speech and musical performances.

More than 70 girls took a range of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Royal Academy of Music exams, passing them all with flying colours. From seven and eight year olds reciting a poem for their Introductory Preparatory grade to the rather more rigorous demands of Grade 8, everyone pulled out all the stops and achieved marks they could be proud of.

Sixth former Poppy Ellison, 18, from Falmouth, followed up on her last year’s distinction in Grade 8 Public Speaking with another Grade 8 distinction – this time in Verse and Prose. She has a conditional place at Oxford to read Classics.

There were group as well as individual exams. Zahra Dalal, 14, from Truro, Lydia Pearse, 14, from Truro and Lowenna Ovens, 14, from Frogpool, got a Grade 5 distinction for their moving devised interpretation of the song Mad World. Savannah Hall, 12, from Carnon Downs, Matilda Redmond, 11, from Newquay, Gisele Parnall, 12, from Portreath, Rebecca Ramsay, 12, from Newbridge and Elena Salvoni, 12, from Porthtown, also earned high praise and distinctions from the external examiner for their story about German Jews in the Second World War.

In all, 45 per cent of the LAMDA exams taken were passed with distinction and 49 per cent with merit.

“Extra-curricular activities are a very important part of school life and I’m absolutely delighted with yet another set of exceptional results,” said Truro High headmistress Caroline Pascoe. “In an increasingly competitive world, it’s very important to acquire a range of skills and to enjoy different hobbies. Playing a musical instrument, singing and acting are all great ways of relaxing and having fun, whilst also developing self-confidence and an ability to perform in public. I heartily congratulate everyone on their success.”


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